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2019 Energize Delaware Rebates

The Energize Delaware Equipment rebate program is back! Energize Delaware Equipment rebates have undergone some major changes since this time last year. We’ve listed all of the most recent information – including a PDF of the full list of available rebates – below. Burns & McBride was awarded the Energy Star Century Club Award in 2018 for our work with this program.

What is Energize Delaware?

Energize Delaware is sponsored by the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility to help you save energy and money.  The program provides rebates – up to $1,300 for a qualifying furnace, air conditioner and thermostats – on equipment upgrades that improve the energy efficiency of a home. To learn if your desired home upgrade qualifies, contact us. Through the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program, more than 5,000 Delaware property owners have taken advantage of the program to lower their energy costs and make their homes safe and more comfortable.

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How Can We Help?

We are the largest participating contractor in New Castle County, but we serve the entire state. Burns & McBride customers have received over $600,000 in money from this fund while cutting their average energy bill by 35%! Our hands-on experience with Energize Delaware allows us to handle the entire process – from scheduling the Home Energy Audit to designing and installing qualifying system improvements to coordinating the testing and reporting. We will walk you through the program and earn the maximum rebate possible.

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Frequently Asked

Our customers have saved an average of $1,815.
This is a sample of the more popular upgrades that qualify for Energize Delaware. Contact us to learn more about your project: Air Sealing Improvement, Duct Sealing Improvement, Attic Insulation, Floor Insulation, Mini-Split, Boilers, Water Heaters, Heat Pumps.

First you need to schedule an Energy Audit. We can help by scheduling your assesment.  During your assessment, a participating contractor will

  • Use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to identify energy-saving improvements
  • Install up to $200 worth of energy-saving measures at no additional cost to you
  • Review your recommended improvements and available rebates
  • Collect co-pay up to $100 for the assessment (up to $50 for income qualified customers)

Who is Eligible?

1. “Residential properties located in Delaware containing 4 or less units per building are eligible. Condos and apartments are not eligible. To participate in the program, property owner must receive a home energy audit.” Burns & McBride will perform a Home Energy audit at no cost.

2. “Rebates are available for installation of qualified energy improvements/upgrades by approved contracts. (this is not a DIY program – rebates are not awarded for self-installed upgrades).” Burns & McBride is an approved contractor and the largest in New Castle County.

3. “Property owner must receive a rebate reservation confirmation to be eligible for any rebates under this program.” Burns & McBride will help get this for you.

4. “Your program-approved auditor/contractor must submit documentation of your completed rebate-eligible upgrades to the Energize Delaware Home Performance program within 90 days of your rebate reservation confirmation else your rebate reservation will expire.” Burns & McBride will submit this documentation.

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Energize Delaware Rebates for Air Conditioners

Recently, we had a customer’s Air Conditioner quit on them. Both the heater and the air conditioner were out of warranty. With Energize Delaware rebates, we were able to upgrade the gas furnace, air conditioner and water heater with ultra-high efficiency, variable speed equipment. The customer received $2,500 in rebates and tax credits from Energize Delaware and the Federal Government to help. Read the full customer story here.

Energize Delaware Rebates for Furnaces

Amber and Sean’s furnace broke down last Winter. Our tech, Dave Gorman, was able to make a quick repair. Amber and Sean decided that, while the repair would hold them over, they wanted to invest in a new system. They received $2,000 from the Energize Delaware program. Read their full story here.

Energize Delaware for a Natural Gas Conversion

A homeowner wanted to switch from oil to natural gas. Using Energize Delaware, we were able to replace the oil furnace with a new ultra high-efficiency gas furnace plus a new air conditioner and water heater. The customer received $2,500 in rebates and tax credits from Energize Delaware and the Federal Government to help. Read the full story here. 

For more on Homeowner Energy Savings

Have you checked out the U.S. Department of Energy’s Homeowner Energy Saver Guide? “This guide shows you how easy it is to cut your energy use at home and also on the road. The easy, practical solutions for saving energy include tips you can use today—from the roof and landscaping to appliances and lights.” You can read the full Guide here. 

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