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About Burns & McBride

About Us

Burns & McBride has been providing quality heating and cooling solutions for your family for generations. Since 1949, Burns & McBride has been meeting the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) comfort needs of our community. Implementing our distinguished heating and cooling solutions throughout the years, Burns & McBride is devoted to ensuring your home is always comfortable and secure.

About Us

Our People

For decades, we have had the privilege of providing quality HVAC services to thousands of homeowners throughout our area. During that time, we have developed the best-trained and most-experienced team to help meet your needs, both safely and efficiently.

Comprehensive Background Checks on All Burns & McBride Personnel

As surprising as it may seem, most heating and cooling companies do not carefully screen their new employees. Very few companies do comprehensive background checks because these checks are expensive. At Burns & McBride we perform rigorous background checks on every employee we hire. All applicants must pass both skill and aptitude tests before being hired. Only after we are certain an employee is trustworthy and dependable do we add them to the Burns & McBride  team.

About Us

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HVAC and Oil Delivery

Extensive Team of Service Team Members

An extensive team of service professionals means you get emergency service quickly—even at 2:00 in the morning! Because we have a large service team, we usually have someone right in your neighborhood who can respond to your call promptly, typically in less than two hours. Our service team members work around the clock so you get great service, no matter the time of day or night! If you have a heating and cooling emergency, we have a service team member ready to help. We’re not just “on-call,” we’re “on the job!” This is very different from other companies who believe 24-hour service means they will respond to your call within 24 hours.

Training and safety. At Burns & McBride, we take training, quality of service, and safety seriously. Each of our experienced service team members receives up to 80 hours of classroom training on new equipment and repair techniques each year. Everyone on our team—from the office to service—participates in our various safety rewards programs to ensure we all perform our jobs with an eye towards safety and comply with our exacting standards.

All brands and types of HVAC equipment. We service all brands and types of HVAC equipment. Whether you have gas or oil heat, air conditioning, a heat pump, or water heater, our team can take care of them regardless of brand. We also offer several different levels of our Service Plan Memberships for you to choose from. Your Burns & McBride professional will be happy to explain each of the plans so you can select which is best for you.

About Us

Modern Equipment and Facilities

Our trucks are newer, cleaner, safer, and always fully stocked. Our professionals will arrive at your home prepared with a truck that is ready for the job. Our service vans are also equipped with state-of-the-art mobile computers so our service experts can access your service history before we reach your doorstep. This means no time will be wasted going back to the shop to get the proper parts and supplies.

Computerized test instruments. All of our service team professionals are equipped with sophisticated computerized test equipment, which allows us to maximize your home comfort and security. These instruments test for the presence of dangerous carbon monoxide, cracked heat exchangers, or other situations that could be harmful to you and your family.

Better Forecasting of Your Delivery Needs

Leading-edge computer modeling to better forecast your delivery needs. We have teamed with one of America’s top research universities to develop a new methodology combining more than 15 variables on an hourly basis to predict our customers’ heating oil usage. The improved efficiency of this system means lower operating costs and greater savings for our customers.

Our Extensive Insurance Coverage Protects You

While many local oil companies are dramatically under insured, Burns & McBride carries over $12 million of insurance, covering all service-related work, including pollution-liability insurance. If an accident happens, you can be assured your property is financially protected.

Guaranteed Quality Service

In the home heating and cooling industry, we have separated ourselves from the others through our ability to offer homeowners the most comprehensive and highest-quality services available on the market for the lowest overall cost. That’s why our HVAC solutions are backed by real guarantees, to ensure you save money and receive the best service possible.

Our Services

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