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About Our Family Business


Burns & McBride has been providing quality home service solutions to local families for generations. Since 1949, we have been meeting the home comfort needs of our community. From our distinguished heating and cooling solutions to our innovative trash & recycling and home security services, Burns & McBride is devoted to ensuring your home is always comfortable and secure.

Burns & McBride founder Tom McBride with an original heating oil truck in Delaware.

Tom McBride, Co-Founder


Our People

For decades, we have had the privilege of providing quality home services to thousands of homeowners throughout our area. During that time we have developed the best trained and most experienced team of employees to help meet your needs, both safely and efficiently.

Comprehensive Background Checks on all Burns & McBride Personnel

As surprising as it may seem, most home comfort companies do not carefully screen their new employees. Very few companies do comprehensive background checks because these checks are expensive. At Burns & McBride we perform rigorous background checks on every employee we hire. Before a new employee is hired, the applicant must pass both skill and aptitude tests. Only after we are certain the employee is trustworthy and dependable do we add them to the Burns & McBride team.

HVAC & Oil Delivery

Extensive Team of Service Technicians

An extensive team of service technicians means you get emergency service quickly – even at 2:00 in the morning! Because we have a large service team, we usually have someone right in your neighborhood that can respond to your call promptly, typically in less than two hours. Our technicians work around-the-clock so you get great service, no matter the time of day or night! If you have a home comfort emergency, we have a serviceman ready to help. We’re not just “on-call,” we’re “on-the-job!”. This is very different from other companies who believe 24-hour service means they will respond to your call within 24 hours.

Training and Safety

At Burns & McBride, we take training, quality of service, and safety seriously. Each of our experienced service technicians receives up to 80 hours of classroom training on new equipment and repair techniques each year. All personnel participate in our various safety rewards programs to ensure they perform their jobs with an eye towards safety and comply with our exacting standards.

All brands and types of HVAC equipment

We service all brands and types of HVAC equipment. Whether you have gas or oil heat, air conditioning, a heat pump or water heater, our technicians can service them regardless of brand. We also offer several different Service Plans for you to choose from. Your Burns & McBride technician will be happy to explain each of the plans so you can choose which is best for you.

Modern Equipment and Facilities

Our trucks are new, clean, safe, and always fully stocked. Our technicians will arrive at your home prepared with a truck that is ready to do the job. Our service vans are also equipped with state-of-the-art mobile computers so service technicians can access your service history before they reach your doorstep. This means that no time will be wasted going back to the shop to get the proper parts and supplies.

Computerized test instruments

All of our technicians are equipped with sophisticated computerized test equipment, which allows them to maximize your home comfort and security. These instruments test for the presence of dangerous Carbon Monoxide, cracked heat exchangers, or other situations that could be harmful to you and your family.

Leading edge computer modeling to better forecast your delivery needs

We have teamed with one of America’s top research universities to develop a new methodology, which combines more than 15 variables on an hourly basis to predict our customers’ heating oil usage. Combined with our state-of-the-art security and home management solutions, which regulate your home’s temperature, we are able to both accurately forecast and minimize your oil usage. The improved efficiency of this system means lower operating costs and greater savings for our customers.

Our Extensive Insurance Coverage Protects You

While many local oil companies are dramatically underinsured, Burns & McBride carries over $12 million of insurance, covering all service related work, and including pollution liability insurance. If an accident happens, you can be assured that your property is financially protected.

Home Security Solutions

The Most Advanced Technology Available

Our cutting-edge technology means you can rest easy. Not only do we protect you from break-ins and other unforeseen emergencies, we also offer you the peace of mind that comes with being able to manage your home’s security and energy use and from remote locations including your mobile phone.

Home Automation

Simply more than security

At a time when energy prices are soaring and the economy is struggling, cutting costs helps you and your family maintain a comfortable lifestyle, and we’re here to help. That’s why our home security system also protects your budget by regulating your home’s temperature, lighting, and appliance settings for you.

Trash & Recycling Services

Basic services to fit your day-to-day life

Our trash and recycling service provides you with the basics you need to make your pickup simple and hassle free. We provide all customers with two complimentary containers, weekly same-day trash and recycling pickup, easy-to-use electronic payment system, and 7-days-a-week support to answer questions and resolve any issues that may arise.

Wide range of optional services to fit all your needs

Sometimes you need more than just basic service, and we are ready and able to accommodate these instances. We offer everything from move-in assistance to haul it away furniture & appliance disposal, and weekly yard waste pickup to hazardous material removal. Our diverse capabilities provide you with all the options you need.

Unrivaled Pricing

Bundle discounts allow you to save money. At Burns & McBride, we’re devoted to saving you money. With this program, you can save 20%, 40% or even 60% on your trash and recycling collection service if you choose to purchase other qualifying home services.

Guaranteed Quality Service

In the home comfort industry, we have separated ourselves from the others by our ability to offer homeowners the most comprehensive and highest quality services available on the market, for the lowest overall cost. That’s why our home comfort solutions are backed by real guarantees that ensure you save money and receive the best service possible.


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