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Tucked into the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act is a program called the HOMES Rebate program. This program is slated to start sometime in 2023.

It provides over $4 billion dollars to States to help residents make their entire home more energy-efficient.  It builds on a program known as Home Performance with Energy Star. In Delaware this program is known as Energize Delaware.

The program is designed to provide rebates based on the energy savings your upgraded home will realize. For instance, homeowners that make changes to cut their potential energy use by 35% can get up to $4,000 in rebates. This amount is doubled to $8,000 for low- and moderate-income households. There is no upper income limit to be eligible for the program.

Use this calculator from Rewiring America to find out if you will qualify for HEEHRA rebates.

As the Energize Delaware program has done for years, homeowners need to have an energy audit conducted by a certified energy auditor. The auditor will recommend specific energy-saving improvements and provide a report that calculates how much energy these improvements will save.

In Delaware, the program will be administered by the State of Delaware. Rules are being written now and then approved by the Federal government, so it will be in 2023 that the program gets off the ground. We wanted to inform you now, so you can plan your home improvement projects accordingly.

It also appears that these rebates may be added to the rebates you would earn through Energize Delaware as well as potential Federal tax credits. Some of the rules of the road will change as this all unfolds, but as they do, we will keep you informed.

Burns & McBride is a charter member of Delaware’s Energize Delaware program and has been involved in the program since its formation in 2008. Plus, we are proud to say that we are a multi-year winner of the EPA’s Home Performance with Energy Star Century Club award.  It is awarded to companies who have guided at least 100 homeowners per year through the rebate process. Our Comfort consultants can help guide you through it as well.

Our Burns & McBride team in Wilmington, DE, would be happy to share other HVAC options with you. Call our experienced professionals at tel:3022197098 or request service online today.

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