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We live in a society that documents everything with the camera on our cellphones and tablets.

We take selfies, record our pets, and demonstrate our hobbies on YouTube.

Today the technology we use with our digital devices is even used to improve customer service.

At Burns & McBride Home Comfort, we are outfitting our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) pros with XOi Technologies’ software. This mobile app enhances communication with our customers in Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

It enables our qualified technicians to document repairs, installations, and maintenance work with videos and photos that they share with you.

What Does XOi Mean to You?

You get a better understanding of the work done at your Wilmington home.

The technology lets you experience a service call without looking over the technician’s shoulder every step of the way. Our technician finishes the job faster and more efficiently and, you receive a detailed video and photos explaining the diagnosis, repair, and job completion.

Of course, XOi’s app doesn’t replace face-to-face contact in your home. Our pro will explain the repair, installation, or maintenance job. He will quote a price and will offer a time estimate for completion.

When we email you a copy of our work order – you will see a link that takes you to this info.

If your heat pump, for example, is broken, you will get a chance to look inside and see why. If you purchase an indoor air quality (IAQ) product, our pro will show you where he will install it. If your furnace blower belt is worn, he will point out its cracks.

Photos and videos used with XOi software add a layer of unparalleled transparency to every service call in your Wilmington home. Visual documentation enhances face-to-face conversations between you and our Burns & McBri/about-burns-mcbride/team/de Home Comfort technician.

If you have ever been unsure about an HVAC service, photo and video images will put your mind at ease.

XOi software helps our licensed and insured experts get the job done right the first time.

XOi and Your Trusted HVAC Technician

At Burns & McBride Home Comfort, we feel confident in saying that our pros are among the most competent and knowledgeable HVAC technicians in the industry. Each spends 80 hours a year learning about new equipment and repair techniques. They also stay up to date on safety protocols and standards.
However, even a trained professional can benefit from new tools, like XOi’s technology. Here are a few examples:

XOi’s technology helps our technicians deliver the best results for your comfort needs and your budget.
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