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As a home owner, it is important to understand the basics of an air conditioning system. Most home owners know nothing about their system and find that they pay more than they can afford for new systems once the original unit is beyond repair. By understanding the basics of an air conditioning system, home owners will be able to remain comfortable during the summer months with savings in energy usage.

Basic Aspects of Air Conditioning Systems

First, it is important to understand the basic terms of the unit. In most homes, a central system is installed. There will be an outdoor portion of the unit that connects to the home via a series of ductwork. The ductwork is a tubing system that is run under the home or in the attack space and distributes the air evenly throughout the home. The air is allowed to come inside the home via air vents that are strategically placed either in the floor or ceiling/walls of the home. Inside the home, there will also be a Return area which is where the air filter will be placed. This is also where the controls are located. The thermostat allows the unit to be turned off and on as well as temperature control.

This is one of the more important areas of the unit, especially for the home owner. The thermostat must be understood to be able to save energy as well as maintain comfort in the home. When purchasing a new home or having a unit installed, be sure to learn every aspect of the control system from the previous home owner or the technician installing a new unit. The air filtration system is also important. Most home owners know how to change an air filter to maintain the quality of air in the home. A new air filter must be put in place every month to three months to maintain clean air in the home.


A service that is very important but most times avoided is maintenance. An air conditioning system must be maintained on a regular basis to ensure that the unit is ready to function when the summer season arrives. A technician or knowledgeable home owner can inspect the unit, clean as needed and make simple repairs, to ensure the system is ready to function properly. With this service, home owners not only have peace of mind but also can control the longevity of the unit.


It is also important to recognize when a system is in need of repair. Do you have warm spots in the home? Are you hearing a noise that is uncommon? Is your unit not responding to temperature controls? These are all signs that a unit is in need of repair. By taking care of repairs as quickly as possible, you can control the life span and productivity of the unit. Home owners should never avoid repairs as it could mean the difference between a comfortable or hot summer!


An air conditioning system also needs to be cleaned and tested on a regular basis. Home owners should keep the outdoor portion of the unit clean of debris, grass and branches. Leaves from the fall season should be removed and any dirt or grime washed away. Most home owners can learn how to clean the unit themselves, but HVAC companies have the training and instruments to test various items on your air conditioner and replace them BEFORE they fail. By keeping the unit clean, each component is able to function properly providing a nice clean service for the home.

Overall, it is important for home owners to learn the aspects of their particular unit and keep the unit maintained. With proper servicing throughout the year, home owners can expect their unit to last a decade if not two!

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