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As fall weather approaches, we will be closing up our homes for the cold weather. Get ready for cooler weather here in New Castle by making sure you and your family are breathing the best possible air. Be sure to focus on enhancing your indoor air quality (IAQ) so that you can boost your overall home comfort and enjoy the autumn season to its fullest.

To improve your air quality and transform your Delaware home into the ideal living space you’ve always wanted, turn to our Burns & McBride professionals. We are the leading heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) experts—a company you can trust with your health and comfort.

The quality of the air we breathe top of mind for all of us. Frequent house cleaning, portable air cleaners and room dehumidifiers don’t address the issue of whole home air quality. By looking at the house as a system, we can help you to have truly Healthy Home Air. This includes:

Too much humidity in your home and you can end up with mold or mildew. More than 60% is a cause for concern. A whole-home dehumidifier could assist by preventing your home from becoming overly humid. The Aprilaire whole house dehumidifier is a professional grade solution to the problem of too much humidity

Too little moisture in the air can cause allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues to feel worse. Humidity levels below 30 percent are a cause for concern. According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology, 24 million people are affected by asthma—while allergies are classified as the sixth leading cause of chronic illness. If your home feels too dry, an Aprilaire whole-home humidifier could provide the appropriate balance.

The fresher the air flowing inside a building the better. Fresh air dilutes contaminates, including viruses, reducing exposure to everyone inside. You could prop open your windows for a few minutes every day but many of us forget to open it – or to close it. And who wants an open window in the middle of winter and let that expensive heat out?

A better solution might be the Aprilaire Fresh Air system. This device brings in a measured amount of fresh air on a regular basis to keep the air in your home as fresh as possible.

The Aprilaire Healthy Air Purifier is designed to plug into your existing or new heating and cooling system to ensure that even virus sized particles, allergens, dust mites, mild spores and other unhealthy airborne substances are caught and out of (air) circulation. It was chosen by Consumer Reports as the best on the market.

Schedule a professional HVAC maintenance visit at least once a year. Planned maintenance not only ensures your system runs efficiently—it also allows our team to catch any issues that could compromise your system and indoor air quality. Plus, an annual tune-up helps restore your system so that you can count on it when you need it most.

Call Us Today to Start Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

The best time to focus on achieving ideal indoor air quality inside your New Castle, DE, home is always now. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Burns & McBride professionals—we can optimize your indoor comfort and create the environment you deserve.

We would be happy to have one of our technicians visit at your convenience. He will take a few measurements and share the results of these with you. If improvements are called for, he can quote you a price on the spot. This is a complimentary service that we offer to all of our Burns & McBride customers.

Give us a call today at tel:3022197098 or request service online.

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