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A/C Preventative Maintenance Checklist
What We Do During an A/C Preventative Maintenance Visit

We’re like you. We own homes and, from time to time, call repair men and women out to our houses to fix our appliances. We too have had those confounding experiences where we opened our doors to repair technicians, work was apparently done, and we’re passed a bill for unknown services rendered.

At Burns & McBride Home Comfort, we like to remove the mystery that often goes along with most service calls.

When we come out to your home, we treat you like we’d like to be treated (do unto others…) in our homes. And so we don’t keep you guessing. Throughout all service calls, we always strive to keep you informed along the way with what we’re doing, what we find, and what it may cost you in the end to repair.

Say goodbye to the surprising bills.

What Happens During an HVAC Maintenence Visit? 

This time of year, many of our customers are getting ready for another hot humid summer by scheduling their spring A/C preventive maintenance work to help extend the life of their air conditioner system. This visit is only one part of their True Comfort Maintenance program which also includes:

  • Annual Preventive Maintenance
  • 15% discount on repairs
  • Priority service in the event of an emergency
  • Written Report of the work we did and our recommendations
  • Our exclusive 60 Day Full System Warranty

What happens on these appointments? Great question and glad you asked!

Below is the checklist our EPA-certified technicians follow during your 60-90 minute A/C preventative maintenance appointment:

✓ Check thermostat

Thermostats can break. Batteries can die. Wires can loosen over time. A quick review by an expert will prevent a huge headache.

✓ Check filter

We know you get busy, and this important item gets lost in everything else going on in your life. We make sure to check that it’s done so your airflow doesn’t get stifled.

✓ Check and clean outdoor coil

Chances are you didn’t clean your coil at the end of the summer, and all that dust and cottonwood just got more embedded through the winter. We take the time to carefully clean your outdoor coil.

✓ Check for a temperature drop

The biggest test to ensure your A/C is going to work on the hot days ahead is to ensure the temperature drop is where it should be. We want to see a 15-20 degree drop to ensure you’re comfortable when it’s hot out.

✓ Check and adjust air flow

Once we ensure the filter is clean, then we check that air is flowing through the vents correctly. If we can make adjustments to the airflow, we do our best to balance the system for winter.

✓ Check electrical connections

As systems run hard, wires can become loose and cause your system to shut down. Our review of these connections will help keep the system running when it’s running its hardest.

✓ Check amp and volt draw on motors

Knowing these draws off your motors early on can help you know how well a system will perform. If they operate out of specs, you might elect to make repairs before they fail.

✓ Check condensate drain

As all that warm air circulates through your evaporator coil, moisture is created. That condensation goes into your condensate pipe, the 3/4″ PVC drain that comes off your coil. Over time, dust and dirt can clog that drain line and cause leaks which can cause significant damage.

✓ Check capacitors and contactor

These are critical parts of your system. They channel the electrical into your air conditioner. r. We test the amp draws of this part to forewarn you if issues may arise.

✓ Inspect for refrigerant leaks

An air conditioner without refrigerant is like a car without gas. We’ll test your system to ensure it’s intact before you need it. If there are leaks, we’ll do our best to track them down and make repair suggestions.

✓ Inspect blower for dirt

A dirty blower will make everything work harder.

✓ Test cycle for proper operation

Once we’ve tested the system, our technician will turn it on and cycle it through its operation a few times to ensure it’s running properly.  If we tell you everything is “good to go”, we back our work up with our exclusive 60 Day System Warranty.

✓ Provide a written report of our recommendations

No more repairs that you haven’t approved. If our technicians find anything that’s concerning, you’ll be the first to know. And you won’t be pressured into making a repair.

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