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Tank Guard Oil Tank Protection

Are you nervous that your heating or oil tank is not exactly new?

With the TankGuard Guarantee Plan, you’re covered if your tank begins leaking or needs replacement, costing you only the enrollment fee which amounts to pennies on the dollar compared to the cost of buying a new tank.

Repair/replacement is not usually covered by homeowners insurance. TankGuard Guarantee gives you peace of mind, 24/7 emergency service, protection from unexpected bills and courteous hassle-free service. Transfer of any available oil to your new tank is included in the TankGuard Guarantee protection plan.

If you enroll in the TankGuard Guarantee and you want to put in a new tank before your old one starts leaking, Burns & McBride will chip in $500 of our own money towards your new purchase. Burns & McBride TankGuard Guarantee is the only program in the industry that pays 100% of the cost of replacing a standard heating oil tank.

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