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Take Advantage of Rebates to Save Up To $500 on a New Oil Fired Equipment

Now until funding runs out, homeowners in Delaware, Maryland, or D.C. can receive a maximum of $500 in rebates toward new oil fired systems:

  • $200 toward a new oil tank
  • $200 toward a new oil furnace
  • $300 toward a new oil boiler.

Rebates can be combined for a maximum of $500 in rebates per household. To learn more, simply¬†fill out the form and tell us which rebate or rebates you’re interested in. This limited-time program is made possible by the Mid-Atlantic Petroleum Distributors Association.

Thanks to a new rebate program made available through the Mid-Atlantic Petroleum Distributors Association (MABDA) and funded with a grant from the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA), homeowners in Maryland and Delaware can save $500 when they replace their old heating oil storage tank with a new one! Funding is limited, so contact us before the funding runs out.

Today’s tanks are:

  • Smaller
  • Smarter
  • Provide even greater levels of protection
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