The Burns & McBride HVAC Safety Check-Up Difference


Not All Check-ups are Created Equal

Why should you choose Burns & McBride for your heating and air conditioning safety check-up? It’s plain and simple: We are better equipped to do the best job.

We invest significantly more than any other HVAC company in the tools, instruments and technical training we provide our technicians.

That means our inspections and assessments are more accurate, so you know EXACTLY where your system stands in regard to its current state and anticipated future performance.

Our HVAC Safety Check-Up Inspection Includes:

  1. Inspect the system for overall health & safety risks
  2. Computerized analysis of system performance
  3. Inspect for failing or broken components
  4. Inspect for loose or bent parts that need adjustment
  5. Inspect for issues that inhibit performance/efficiency
  6. Inspect for general cleanliness of the unit
  7. Inspect for proper thermostat function

For just $79.95*, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting the most thorough check-up available.

It’s important to note that a heating and AC Safety Check-Up is intended to identify potential problems that could inhibit the performance of your system and impact the safety of your household. This is what all HVAC companies offer homeowners – a “look-see” of the system. Of course, ours is more comprehensive, and if you’re looking to achieve REAL preventive maintenance for your system, you should consider the benefits of a True Seasonal Tune-Up from Burns & McBride.
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* $69.95 Safety Check-Up is not available for oil-fired heating equipment.