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Boiler Installations

What happens when we visit?

We will spend at least 90 minutes with you before quoting anything to learn your particular needs and issues.

Finding What You Are Looking To Accomplish

What works and what could be better?  Sharing information about how you live in your home and the ways you would like to improve your heating and cooling system will help us select the right system for you and your family.

Measuring Your Home

Choosing the right size heating or A/C system is very important. By measuring your home with special attention to window placement and vents, we can address any problems with rooms that may be too hot or too cold.

Ductwork Design

This is one of the biggest problem areas we run into. Because the ducts in your home carry the air to the rooms, it is important to be sure that they are the correct size and length to deliver the proper amount of heating and cooling. Ask yourself, are there rooms that never seem to be comfortable?

Load Calculation

A load calculation involves using a computer program to calculate exactly the size heater and air conditioner needed for your home. It’s  a critical step that some contractors skip and, if not done correctly, can result in a system that runs too often and wastes energy. It can also lead to a system that does not heat or cool your home properly. We will happy to share these results in your installation packet.

Will you get a free estimate?

Yes! we will give you a written estimate detailing exactly what type of equipment we will be installing and exactly what work is to be done.

What are my payment options?

We understand that this is a major investment for a homeowner. We offer a wide choice of payment options, and we will work closely with you to help you select the one that is best suited for you and your family.

How can we help?
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