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Heating your home using oil is a common practice. This homeowner wanted to switch out of oil heat. The prices for oil were low at the time, but he thought that they could go up, and didn’t want to be worried about refilling the oil. Natural gas lines had just been run into the neighborhood.

The existing oil heating system was alright, but the homeowner wanted to switch to natural gas. Both the heater and air conditioner were out of warranty, meaning that the customer was liable for potential repair bills in the future.


Using Energize Delaware, we were able to replace the oil furnace with a new ultra high-efficiency gas furnace plus a new air conditioner and water heater. The customer received $2,500 in rebates and tax credits from Energize Delaware and the Federal Government to help.

Using the additional money received from Energize Delaware, the homeowner decided to upgrade to a new ultra high-efficiency Carrier two stage, variable speed gas furnace installed with a new 16 SEER Carrier air conditioner and a new 50 gallon Bradford White Water Heater.

This new equipment is covered with a worry-free 10-year parts and labor warranty and will use much less energy than their old equipment meaning lower utility bills for years to come. The customer received $2,000 from the Energize Delaware program plus a Federal tax credit of $500 to help with the work.

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