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The air conditioner quit. Both the heater and air conditioner were out of warranty, meaning that the customer was liable for potential repair bills in the future. Also, the equipment was not nearly as efficient as some of the new choices available on the market today.


Using Energize Delaware, we were able to upgrade the gas furnace, air conditioner and water heater with ultra-high efficiency, variable speed equipment. The customer received $2,500 in rebates and tax credits from Energize Delaware and the Federal Government to help.

One of Burns & McBride Home Comfort’s experts, Steve Ackeret, went out to help the homeowner find the right solution. Steve was the first person to tell them of the Energize Delaware program and he helped to walk them through the process.

The homeowner decided to upgrade to a new ultra high-efficiency American Standard two stage, variable speed gas furnace installed with a new 16 SEER American Standard air conditioner. They also installed a new electrostatic air cleaner and ultraviolet light to improve the quality of the air their family was breathing. This new equipment is covered with a worry free 10-year parts and labor warranty and will use much less energy than their old equipment meaning lower utility bills for years to come.

The customer received $2,000 from the Energize Delaware program plus a Federal tax credit of $500 to help with the work. Steve was able to obtain Emergency Qualification status under the Energize Delaware program so that the homeowner could replace their equipment now and get the cold air flowing and fill out the paperwork later so that they could still receive the Energize Delaware rebate.

Energize Delaware is  sponsored by the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility to help you save energy and money.  The program is there to help Delaware property owners by paying some of the cost of investing in home improvements to permanently cut their energy bills. It can pay half of the cost of qualifying energy improvements up to $7,825 – but it may very well be about to be cut back.
We have been a participating contractor since day one and have helped hundreds of homeowners receive over $600,000 in money from this fund while cutting their average energy bill by 35%. Our hands-on experience with Energize Delaware allows us to handle the entire process – from scheduling the Energy Audit to designing and installing qualifying system improvements to coordinating the testing and reporting.
How can we help?
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