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Burns & McBride has been providing the highest-quality air conditioning solutions to thousands of local families for generations. Since 1949, we have been meeting the cooling needs of our Delaware community.

Whether you need an AC tune-up, installation, repair, or simply routine maintenance, Burns & McBride is devoted to ensuring your home is always comfortable and secure.

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Our AC repair experts are true problem solvers. No matter what your air conditioning issue is, our highly trained and certified professionals live up to our stalwart reputation and will provide you with the right solution.
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Air Conditioning Repairs

Burns & McBride is the best choice for AC repair services near you in Delaware. When your cooling system goes out or is no longer working at peak performance, your home lacks the comfort you expect and depend on. Our experts will promptly diagnose and repair the issue.

We are familiar with most makes and models of air conditioners, so our professionals will restore your cooling to your home in no time. We put repairs at the top of our priority list.

There are many ways your air conditioner can stop working in its normal capacity. Hearing an unusual noise or smelling an odor like burning are symptoms of something wrong with your system.

Feeling only warm air coming from your vents or noticing your air conditioner is frozen are other common problems you might experience. Yet others may be your system is leaking water or not even turning on at all.

These symptoms mean you have an issue with your air conditioner or ductless system. Ignoring problems usually only makes them bigger and more costly—and can negatively affect your home’s indoor air quality. Our recommendation is to have one of our local Delaware-based team members promptly diagnose and repair the AC issue for you. Be sure to ask us about our Service Plan Memberships for discounted repair rates.

If something is a simple fix you could complete on your own, we will advise you before we schedule an appointment. At Burns & McBride, your satisfaction is a high priority for us.

air conditioners.

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Air Conditioning Installations and Replacements

The average air conditioner’s life span is approximately 15 years with proper maintenance. Once your air conditioning repairs start increasing or your energy bill begins to increase every month, it may be time to replace your system. Our HVAC team is ready to assess your needs and discuss your options–and we'll even show you how to save more money.

For example, when purchasing a new cooling system, we'll help you navigate the Energize Delaware Rebate program. Energize Delaware is sponsored by the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility to help you save energy and money by paying for some of the cost of high-efficiency equipment. The program provides rebates—up to $1,300 or more for a qualifying furnace, air conditioner, water heaters and thermostats—on equipment upgrades that cut the energy use of your home.

To learn if your air conditioning installation or replacement need qualifies for this Delaware rebate, contact us. We also offer flexible financing plans as another option to make a new air conditioner a consideration for you.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

Routine professional maintenance keeps your air conditioner working well and efficiently, saving you money all around. To help keep your bills low, our Burns & McBride experts and equipment manufacturers recommend regular AC tune-ups.

Keeping your cooling system in optimum condition helps both your repair and energy bills remain low. Preventative maintenance also helps you comply with your system’s manufacturer’s warranty.

When our highly trained maintenance experts regularly clean and check your air conditioning system, we can alert you to any need repairs, preventing unexpected and costly emergency repairs from occurring.
Additionally, when your system operates at peak performance, it is cooling your home efficiently. This saves you money in energy since your system needs less energy to keep your levels of comfort stable. Consider participating in a Burns & McBride Service Plan Memberships for additional savings and member perks.

Air Conditioning Efficiency

Your air conditioner’s efficiency plays a large role in your utility costs as well as your indoor air quality (IAQ). Having an air conditioner with a higher efficiency, such as with a higher Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), utilizes energy more efficiently thereby saving you money overall.

The US Department of Energy (DOE) published an Energy Saver 101 guide on saving energy during warmer month. It includes useful information on types of systems and general facts on air conditioning usage in the United States.

It states “ventilation is the most inexpensive and energy-friendly way to cool a home.” Additionally, they published a two-page guide to home ventilation expounding its importance in your home.

Could a Ductless Mini Split System Be an Option for You?

In recent years, ductless mini splits have become increasingly popular in the United States. The ductless unit is a compact, yet powerful, heat pump that can heat and cool your home without the use of air ducts.
It’s an energy-efficient system splitting your home into zones and giving you access to control the temperature in each zone rather than heat or cool your entire home at once. See our page on a ductless system for more information.

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