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Oil Fired Water Heater

We at Burns & McBride Home Comfort are proud to have installed Bock water heaters for over 60 years. Made in Madison WI, Bock water heaters are the USA’s most popular oil-fired residential and commercial oil-fired appliances. Capacities range from 32 gallons to 113 gallons with inputs from 104,000 to 623,000 BTU. Oil fired water heaters are known for delivering almost unlimited hot water.

The Bock® Model 32E water heater is the market leader in Energy Efficiency with a .63EF rating and 170 gallons First Hour Delivery. It meets the Department of Energy’s new higher energy standards coming in 2015 – no comparable competitive model meets those standards.

  • Standard 5-year tank/heat exchanger residential warranty.
  • Single Turboflue® helical-fin heat exchanger.
  • Certified for use with Carlin® and Beckett® burners
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