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Gas Boiler Light Commercial

The Buderus GB162 is a high performance, compact gas condensing boiler capable of achieving ultra-high efficiency levels of up to 96% AFUE. It is designed specifically to meet the demands of larger homes and commercial buildings. For maximum efficiency, the GB162 boiler adjusts its output to meet the changing weather in this area.  Just like the gas pedal on a car, it ramps up and down depending on the weather. Optimum performance with minimized energy usage is achieved in the GB162 through the large aluminum ALU-Plus heat exchanger and the advanced Energy Management System.

The GB162 can be used individually but it is especially well suited for multi-boiler “cascades”. Typically linking together two to four boilers, cascades can be expanded up top eight units to meet the required heating load of your installation. In a cascade, each individual boiler comes into operation only when the demand is high enough for an additional boiler.

Cascade systems achieve significant energy savings because their output can be precisely controlled to match your demand for heating at different temperatures. A cascade system adapts particularly well to seasonal temperature changes.


The world leader in heating technologies since 1825. Buderus produced the first low-temperature hydronic heating systems. Today, Buderus products are acknowledged as the global standard for high efficiency, low emissions hydronic heating. All Buderus products are designed to meet strict safety and environmental regulations.

Buderus boilers are designed for easy access and service. With appropriate maintenance, they will deliver the highest efficiencies throughout their lifetime of operation. Buderus is a member of Bosch Thermotechnology

Bosch GB162 For Large Homes and Commercial Applications

The Bosch GB162 boiler is perfect for both large domestic and commercial applications. This boiler has Net IBR output ratings of up to 263,000 bty/hr and with the ability to cascade up to 8 boilers as part of a system, it is the most flexible boiler system in the industry. Its compact dimensions and light weight make it especially suitable for installations where space is restricted.

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