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Home Comfort Equipment

 * We service ALL types and brands of equipment.

At Burns McBride, we understand that deciding to replace or upgrade your air conditioning and heating system is a big decision. Getting the right equipment for your needs, hiring the right contractor for the job, and ensuring that the equipment performs as you were promised are each important to consider when making such a purchase.

We will help you reach a decision that makes sense for your home and your family. We’re is proud to have earned the trust and respect of thousands of homeowners throughout the Delaware Valley since 1949.

Gas and Oil Heat: There is a wide range of choices available in today’s gas and oil heating systems. Manufacturers have made incredible advances in energy efficiency, which can make upgrading your current heating system to a gas or oil system from Burns & McBride one of the best investments you could make in your home.

Air Conditioning: Replacing or adding a new air conditioning system is no longer just about trying to cool your houseToday’s Today’s systems are able to give you more control by letting you determine not only the temperature you find the most comfortable but also the humidity level that you desire. Burns & McBride will help you find the right cooling system that will not only give you both but also save you money!

Heat Pumps: Homeowners replacing electric heat pump systems will be happy to know that they can expect to have a warmer home this winter. Today’s technologies allow for hotter heat to come out of your registers, making your home toasty warm just the way you like it. During the summer, you can expect your home to be more comfortable than ever due to better dehumidification technology. And to top things off, a heat pump system from Burns & McBride can save you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars each year in energy savings!

Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers: Tired of that static electricity? That dry air that makes breathing difficult? That moist air that makes furniture and walls sticky? Today’s technologies give you more control over proper humidification in the heating season and dehumidification in the cooling season. Add to this the ability to continually filter your homes air giving you the freshest and cleanest air you will breathe all day!

Air Quality: Allergies? Dust accumulation? Mold? There are ways to help your situation. Burns & McBride can set you up with filtration and UV products to address all of your indoor air quality needs.

Gas and Oil Boilers: Some of the best advances in heating technology have occurred in the boiler market. Today’s boiler systems are light years ahead of boilers that are even just 10 years old. Many of these boiler systems feature the ability to read the outdoor temperature and automatically give you just the right amount of heat…and that can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each year. These units are becoming the new standard in home boiler technology.

How can we help?
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