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Heat pumps have become a hot topic here in Delaware. Under the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act, significant rebates and credits will be available to replace air conditioners and furnaces with heat pumps. But many folks are unfamiliar with modern heat pumps and how they work.

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

A heat pump is a high-efficiency system that heats and cools a home in place of a furnace (or boiler) and an air conditioner. In the warmer months, a heat pump pulls heat from the inside of your home and moves it outside. In the colder months, it does the opposite, collecting heat from the outdoor air and moving it indoors. Older heat pumps struggled in cold climates, but many of the latest models work well in frigid winter temperatures.

There are 3 types of heat pumps on the market today.

Historically, heat pumps have worked well in the Southern states like North Carolina and South Carolina where more than 40% of homes have heat pumps. But what about here in Delaware?

Older heat pump models could not heat well in our low temperatures, so they were generally not as popular. But new advanced technologies enable modern heat pumps to operate effectively in temperatures of 10℉ and below. The Bosch all-weather heat pump uses variable compressor speeds and other technologies to work at very cold temperatures. Paired with an existing oil furnace, a Bosch all-weather heat pump can reduce a typical Delaware home’s oil consumption by up to 75%!

Under the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act, there are a number of rebates and tax credits for electric heat pumps and water heaters that will be available in 2023. Plus, there are rebates available through the Energize Delaware program.

Burns & McBride is a charter member of Delaware’s Energize Delaware program and has been involved in the program since its formation in 2008. Plus, we are proud to say that we are a multi-year winner of the EPA’s Home Performance with Energy Star Century Club award.  It is awarded to companies who have guided at least 100 homeowners per year through the rebate process. Our Comfort consultants can help guide you through it as well.

Our Burns & McBride team in Wilmington, DE, would be happy to share other HVAC options with you. Call our experienced professionals at tel:3022197098 or request service online today.

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