All-Weather High-Efficiency Heat Pumps

All-Weather Heat Pumps Provide Savings and Comfort All Year-Round.

All-weather heat pumps provide savings and comfort all year-round

Increased oil prices have many homeowners piling on blankets to keep warm instead of turning up the thermostat, but there is a better solution. An all-weather high-efficiency heat pump from Bosch – a globally recognized manufacturer of high-quality products – provides some of the best performing units on the market today.

Heat pumps recommended by CNBC for financial and climate benefits.

Heating Oil Usage

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Reduce oil usage up to 75% AND save on cooling

  • Paired with your existing oil-fired heater, a Bosch all-weather heat pump can reduce your home’s oil consumption by up to 75%, saving you over $2,000* per year in heating costs
  • Replacing your aging air conditioner with a new all-weather high-efficiency heat pump will reduce cooling costs in the summer months
  • The all-weather heat pump’s variable compressor speed works like cruise control in your car, using the right amount of energy to heat or cool your home

It’s easy to do

As a Bosch Platinum Accredited Dealer, Burns & McBride will make sure your new heat pump is running as efficiently as possible, PLUS:

  • We handle all permits
  • We remove all old equipment
  • We get it done in 1 day

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*Based on annual heating oil usage of 162 gals (25% of 650 gal. typical home annual usage) @ $6.16/gal based on U.S. EIA 11/17/2022 survey, plus 75% of annual heat pump heating costs based on Delmarva Power’s website calculator 11/2022. Your savings may be different. Ask for details.