HVAC Services in Wilmington, DE

If you’re looking for the best installation, repair, and maintenance services for your Wilmington home’s heating, ventilation, or air conditioning system, you’ve come to the right place.

Burns & McBride Home Comfort has been your local Wilmington HVAC services provider since 1949! This means we’ve had the privilege of serving this wonderful community for generations of homeowners, keeping you and your family comfortable no matter the weather.

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HVAC Services Available in Wilmington, DE

We offer a full suite of HVAC services to residents in the Wilmington area. Here’s a complete list of the types of systems we can install, service, and maintain.

  • Air Conditioning: Looking for AC repair in Wilmington? No one wants to go through a Delaware summer without a working AC. Burns & McBride can install new systems, repair existing ones, and help keep them maintained.
  • Furnaces: Burns & McBride specializes in the installation, service, and repair of both gas and oil furnaces. Our responsiveness mean you’ll never have to worry about being without heat during the colder months of the year.
  • Heat Pumps: One of the most advanced HVAC systems today, the heat pump is an energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly option. Our certified technicians know the ins and outs of maintaining and repairing these highly advanced systems!
  • Boilers: Boilers provide efficient radiant heat to your home that provides you with high levels of air quality, but only when they’re working right. Whether you’re looking for boiler repair in your Wilmington home, or a full replacement, we’ll get the job done for you in a snap!
  • Ductless Systems: We stay on the cutting edge, and that means we’re well acquainted with the installation and maintenance of ductless heating and cooling systems. These convenient systems have become popular throughout Delaware, and we know them well.
  • Indoor Air Quality: Do you clean like crazy but still feel that the air quality inside your house isn’t great? We can help. We’ll ensure your HVAC systems bring only fresh air into your home by cleaning ducts, replacing filters, and providing you with better humidity control.
  • Water Heaters: No one likes taking a cold shower. Whether you’ve got a traditional water tank or you have a tankless water heater system, we have the tools, equipment, and expertise to repair, replace, install, and maintain your hot water heater.
  • Dehumidifiers: Controlling the relative humidity of your home is crucial for reducing the chances that mold and mildew will flourish. Too little humidity and you risk your family’s allergies and asthma worsening. We can install and configure your home’s dehumidification systems to strike the perfect balance between comfort and air quality.

Why Burns & McBride for Your Wilmington HVAC Needs?

Burns & McBride is unique in that we’re one of the oldest and most experienced HVAC installers and services providers in the entire Wilmington, DE area. We wouldn’t still be in business unless we paid close attention to the way the HVAC industry has changed over the decades. Today, we use the most advanced tools we can, like XOi’s advanced diagnostic technology system, to provide the highest levels of service to our customers.

We’re committed to the Wilmington community in dozens of other ways. That includes being a highly successful partner with the Energize Delaware program to help area homes become both more comfortable and more affordable by reducing energy consumption. Plus, our technicians are all trained extensively and are sent out into the field with fully-equipped trucks with more than 300 individual tools and unique parts. This all adds up to getting the job done right during the first visit to your home quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

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