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Bellefonte, DE residents know that Burns & McBride is the local company to call for all heating and cooling services. Our respectful and professional technicians are available to help with everything from AC maintenance to furnace repairs to oil delivery. Curious about energy efficiency, air quality, or a maintenance plan? Contact us to talk to one of our experts.

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The HVAC Services Available to Bellefonte, DE Residents

Why do people in the Bellefonte area trust Burns & McBride with all their HVAC needs? Because we employ expert technicians and provide cutting-edge solutions to heating and cooling problems. When it comes to heating and cooling, we’re your neighborhood know-it-all. We know everything about HVAC and we want to share it with our neighbors.

Unsure about the health of your unit or if someone can help? Here is a list of our most popular services:

  • Furnaces: Never fear the cold when you have Burns & McBride on your side. Our team is available to maintain, troubleshoot, repair, or replace your furnace. Call for an honest assess of your system.
  • Air Conditioning: Enjoy a cool oasis from the heat all summer long. Our technicians are available to maintain, replace, troubleshoot, or repair any air conditioning system in your home.
  • Ductless Systems: Is your home unable to support ducts? Curious about ductless systems? Burns & McBride is on the forefront of ductless heating and cooling technology. We can provide an assessment of how it can help control your home’s interior climate.
  • Heat Pumps: Did you know that heat pumps heat and cool your home? Did you also know they are energy efficient and environmentally friendly? If this interests you, you should consider a heat pump.
  • Oil Delivery: Burns & McBride provides oil delivery to the Bellefonte, DE area. This service is always on time, cost conscious, and convenient. Schedule your delivery today.
  • Boilers: Our technicians are prepared to maintain, troubleshoot, repair or replace boilers. Call today to schedule an assessment of the health of your boiler or to talk about replacing it.
  • Indoor Air Quality: Burns & McBride believes that home comfort starts with ensuring the air you breathe is clean. Poor air quality can be a danger to your overall health and people with asthma or allergies may suffer from subpar indoor air quality. Let us perform an air quality assessment, answer questions, offer recommendations, and provide services to increase the overall quality of air in your home.
  • Water Heaters: Traditional water heaters, tankless water heaters, hybrids — we’ve seen, serviced, and installed it all. Give us a call if you have water heater troubles.

Burns & McBride Can Solve Heating & Cooling Problems for Bellefonte Area Residents

As the leading providers of HVAC service in the Bellefonte, DE area for more than 70 years, residents have come to rely on Burns & McBride for our expertise, customer service, quick response time, and our commitment to affordable solutions.

Need heating and cooling solutions in your home? Here are just some of the HVAC service benefits we bring to Bellefonte, DE residents.

  • Expert technicians, quality tools. All Burns & McBride employees always arrive with a fully-stocked truck of state-of-the-art, regularly maintained and calibrated tools.
  • Burns & McBride has incorporated XOi’s diagnostic system into our business to provide customers with quicker, more accurate solutions. This advanced system provides our technicians the capability of diagnosing a problem before they even set foot in your home through the use of remotely generated reports and video footage.
  • We work to make your home more comfortable and your wallet fuller. The Energize Delaware program allows Burns & McBride to help Bellefonte residents save money through state provided rebates. We submit the paperwork; you reap the financial benefits.

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