HVAC Services in Delaware City, DE

When Delaware City, DE residents need HVAC services, they trust Burns & McBride’s team of highly skilled technicians. That’s because we’ve been providing quality service at reasonable costs for over half a century. Whether you need help with air conditioning, heating, system repair, replacement, or more – our Delaware City, DE team is available to help.

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The Heating & Cooling Services Available to Delaware City, DE Homes

How have we continued to provide premium service for more than 70 years? By employing qualified technicians and supplying them with state-of-the-art tools to diagnose and repair any HVAC or AC system in the Delaware City, DE area.

Here are just a few of the heating and cooling systems our Delaware City, DE technicians regularly repair, maintain, replace, troubleshoot, and install.

  • Air Conditioning: You need a cooling system you can rely on in those Delaware City summers. You also need an HVAC team you can reply on to keep your cooling system maintained, and if necessary repaired or replaced. Our Delaware City, DE AC technicians are available to answer questions or talk about new installation.
  • Furnaces: Do you have a gas furnace? Do you have an oil furnace? No problem. Our expert technicians are capable of maintaining, repairing, or replacing all types of furnaces. We work to help Delaware City residents stay warm during the colder months.
  • Water Heaters: Need help with a water heater? Our Delaware City, DE HVAC contractors are fully versed in all types of water heaters including traditional, tankless, and hybrid.
  • Heat Pumps: If you’re looking for energy efficiency, consider a heat pump. This system is an environmentally friendly way to heat and cool your home. Talk to our experts to see if a heat pump is the right choice for your home (it may very well not be).
  • Ductless Systems: Do you live in a home that can’t support HVAC ducts? Cutting edge ductless technology is the right choice for many Delaware City residents. We can install, repair, and maintain this system for you as well.
  • Boilers: It’s a little known fact that boilers are an energy efficient way to heat your home. Burns & McBride technicians can maintain, troubleshoot, and install boilers for Delaware City residents. Ask about our boiler services.
  • Oil Delivery: Our efficiency and cost consciousness extends to oil delivery as well.
  • Indoor Air Quality: Did you know the air quality of your home directly impacts the health of you and your family? Burns & McBride can assess your air quality and your HVAC units to ensure they’re running correctly, circulating fresh air, and that filters are clean from harmful particulates from the air. Contact us today to talk about duct cleaning, humidity, and overall air quality.

Need Heating and Cooling Service in Delaware City, DE? Choose Burns & McBride

For over 70 years, Burns & McBride as been working to provide the Delaware City, DE area with quality, affordable HVAC services. Our team of expert technicians strive to always find the best solutions to heating and cooling problems. We’re not just a business, we’re your neighbor and your local partner in home comfort.

Our Delaware City repeat customers and maintenance plan memberships speak to the quality of our work, the expertise of our technicians, and our ability to solve any problem.

Heavy Investment in Being the Best

Here are a few reasons to choose Burns & McBride as your HVAC contractor for your Delaware City, DE home:

  • Experienced and professional technicians pride themselves on top notch quality service and are constantly exposed to ongoing learning opportunities and kept informed of the latest updates and trends.
  • All technicians are provided new, state-of-the-art tools that are regularly calibrated and maintained.
  • We incorporate advanced technologies into our process, such as XOi’s diagnostic system, which allows our most senior technical to diagnose problems even when they aren’t on site. This means our technicians are more efficient, troubleshooting is faster, and our service is more effective for customers.

Providing Delaware City, DE Homeowners with Powerful Rebates

We want to help you save money. This is why we work so well with Energize Delaware. This allows us to remove the burden of paperwork from our customers while providing them significant cost savings from the state.

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