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No matter your heating or cooling issue, Burns & McBride’s team of experts can get the job done right, on time, and on budget.

For over 70 years, we’ve provided effective, efficient, and transparent HVAC services to Ardentown residents. We’re a local company focused on customer service and finding solutions.

Curious about energy efficiency, air quality, or a maintenance plan? Call us at 302-273-1341 to talk to one of our Ardentown HVAC contractor experts.

Several of the HVAC Services Available to Ardentown, DE Residents

We’re here to help. Our technicians are available to answer questions, offer energy efficient solutions, and fix your malfunctioning heating or air conditioning system 24/7.

How would we describe ourselves? We’re your local, professional know-it-all. We’re the first person you call when you have an HVAC problem because you trust we will provide a quick, sustainable solution. We’re a team of constantly trained HVAC contractors focused on your satisfaction and your home comfort.

Here are some of the HVAC services we provide to Ardentown:

  • Furnaces: Our technicians can troubleshoot, repair, maintain, replace, or install a new unit. Stay warm all winter with the help of Burns & McBride. Call for an honest assessment today.
  • Air Conditioning: We’re known throughout the area for solving AC problems. Keep cool while we handle the rest.
  • Ductless Systems: Looking for alternative ways to heat and cool your home? Have an honest conversation about whether a ductless system is right for your Ardentown home. We can also troubleshoot and maintain your existing system if you already have ductless installed.
  • Heat Pumps: These systems are an often misunderstood energy efficient way to heat and cool your home. Talk to our technicians about whether a heat pump could potentially save you money, or contact us if you need any help with your current system.
  • Boilers: If you’re having issues with a boiler, let us help. We will transparently assess the problem and provide solutions.
  • Indoor Air Quality: Did you know indoor air quality directly impacts your health, particularly if you suffer from allergies or asthma? We can conduct an air quality assessment. We can also clean your ducts and provide suggestions or solutions to achieving proper humidity in your home.
  • Water Heaters: Looking for a company that can service, replace, or install a water heater? Look no further. Burns & McBride has experience servicing traditional, tankless, and hybrid water heaters in the Ardentow area for over half a century. Give us a call to discuss your needs – we’ve seen it all and are prepared to do it all.
  • Oil Delivery: Burns & McBride also delivers oil. This service is always on time, cost efficient, and convenient. Schedule your delivery today.

Ardentown, DE Residents Turn to Burns & McBride for Any and All Heating and Cooling Needs

Burns & McBride has been the choice of Ardentown residents for more than 70 years. The community trusts us because we employ expert technicians, provide residents with quick response times, offer affordable solutions, and always prioritize honesty and customer service.

Need heating and cooling solutions in your home? Explore some of the HVAC service benefits we bring to Ardentown residents.

  • Technicians receive on-going, continuing education to stay on top of new innovations and technology, understand where the industry is heading, and be able to more quickly and easily provide troubleshooting diagnoses to customers.
  • The XOi’s diagnostic system allows our technicians to provide customers with quicker, more accurate solutions. It allows senior technicians to diagnose a problem even if they aren’t on site. Less time troubleshooting means less time without heat or AC.
  • All technicians receive state-of-the-art, regularly calibrated and maintained tools. This allows for increased accuracy, accelerated troubleshooting, and less system down time. All trucks are always fully stocked, allowing us to accomplish most projects during the first visit.
  • Our goal is to provide the best service at the lowest cost to the customer. The Energize Delaware program allows us to do this by helping residents save money through state-provided rebates. We submit the paperwork, you reap the financial benefits.

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