Aprilaire Fresh Air Ventilator

Aprilaire Fresh Air Ventilator (Model 8145
  • MANAGE the quality of your home’s air year-round, with little effort
  • PROVIDES an optimal amount of fresh air, customized, for your home, but meets required building codes
  • MINIMIZES the introduction of air that’s too hot, too cold, or too humid.
  • ENERGY-EFFICIENT way to add fresh air in your home will not ventilate if the outdoor air will raise indoor relative humidity above 55%

Aprilaire Whole House Powered Humidifier

  • FULL COVERAGE up to 4,200 square feet in tightly built homes with a capacity of 18 gallons per day
  • AUTOMATIC HUMIDIFIER with dual sensors to monitor and respond to both outdoor temperature and indoor relative humidity to deliver optimum humidity 24/7 throughout the home –simply set it and forget it
  • HUMIDITY FOR HEALTH Aprilaire Humidifiers can help you maintain optimal humidity in your home of 30% –60% which has been shown to reduce the incidence of respiratory infections and symptoms related to allergies and asthma by minimizing the formation of bacteria and viruses, fungi, and dust mites. In addition, you’ll feel more comfortable while also preserving items in your home susceptible to damage from changing humidity or dry condition

Aprilaire Air Purifier

  • PROTECTS your HVAC system and offers superior filtration performance to 1” filters
  • COMES WITH 210 Clean Air Filter, which has more than 9 times the filtration area found in 1" filters
  • GUARANTEED with our Pure Fit Promise: Self Seal™ technology, interlocking rails, and Clean Coil Commitment
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN —simply change the Air Purifier’s filter once up to every 12 months
  • COMPATIBLE with the 213 Healthy Home Filter, 213CBN Odor Reduction Filter, and 216 Allergy & Asthma Filter

Aprilaire Wi-Fi Thermostat with Indoor Air Quality Control


Saves you money on energy costs: Through proper use of the programmable settings. Offers Event-Based™ Air Cleaning: When paired with a Whole-Home Aprilaire Air Purifier, this feature allows you to clean your home's air on your terms.

  • Offers humidity or air freshness control options Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Remote monitor and control capabilities with the Aprilaire Wi-Fi Thermostat App on iOS and Android

Aprilaire Dehumidifier

  • BUILT TO LAST with corrosion-resistant aluminum coils in the U.S.A. by Aprilaire, the leader in indoor air quality solutions
  • REDUCES & CONTROLS HUMIDITY to help prevent damp carpeting and furnishings, mold, mildew, and odors
  • REMOVES UP TO 95 pints (11.9 GALLONS) of water per day
  • NO MESSY WATER TRAY TO EMPTY and simple to set up - just place the hose or place dehumidifier over a drain, level it, plug it in, set the target humidity, and you’re done
  • SET IT AND FORGET IT control automatically starts dehumidification when humidity above target is sensed

Replacement Water Panel for Humidifier

  • GENUINE REPLACEMENT water panel was designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. by Aprilaire
    FOR OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE replace water panel annually
  • HUMIDITY FOR HEALTH Aprilaire Humidifiers can help you maintain optimal humidity in your home of 30% –60% which has been shown to reduce the incidence of respiratory infections and symptoms related to allergies and asthma by minimizing the formation of bacteria and viruses, fungi, and dust mites. In addition, you’ll feel more comfortable.

Fuel Oil Sludge Remover


The cleaner your storage tank, the better your fuel performs. SBG is specially formulated to eliminate sludge and water in fuel oil storage tanks. The SBG chemical base dissolves sludge in your fuel tank into a combustible substance without clogging nozzles, while maintaining clean filters and strainers. Prevent the buildup of sludge and sludge-related impurities in your fuel with Sludge Be Gone.

Universal A/C Cover


As the leaves begin to fall, you will want to protect your A/C’s outdoor unit. Our universal A/C cover will fit almost any make or model and keep it clean and ready for next year.

Overflow Protection Switch

overflow protection switch

A condensate overflow protection switch is not only great for air conditioners but can be used to prevent leaks caused by frozen condensate lines on high efficient furnaces. This switch will temporarily shut your equipment down in the event of a condensate back-up to prevent water damage to your home and/or equipment.

Bradford White Water Heaters


The average life of a water heater is only 10-12 years. We are proud to offer Bradford White, the only USA made water heaters on the market.

  • They come with a standard 10-year parts warranty.
  • Select models offer up to a $750 Energize Delaware rebate. Installation typically takes about 2 hours from start to finish and can be scheduled for install today!
  • We offer 0% interest financing for 24 months for qualified applicants.

Indoor Blower Cleaning

technician cleaning a blower

Clean air is crucial for good indoor comfort levels. When your blower motor is dirty it has towork harder to blow air through your ducts and vents, which reduces the ability of your filter to clean allergens, toxins, and pollutants from your indoor air, which can exacerbate allergies and asthma.
“1/8th of an inch of dirt and dust build-upon the blower wheel can reduce airflow by up to 30%”-Texas A&M Study

Ductless Head Cleaning

Ductless head cleaning.

Energy Efficiency - Clean and well-maintained systems produce more BTUs per input watt. This leads to savings for the customer on their utility bill.

System Performance (Comfort)

  • On ductless systems, dirt on the coils and blower wheel can quickly lead to poor output, temperature and humidity control Indoor Air Quality
  • Cleaner air handlers leads to cleaner air by removing dirt and microbial growth before it becomes an IAQ issue

Polarized Media Air Cleaner

Polarized Air cleaner.

As tiny sub-micron particles and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) pass through the central heating and cooling system, they become polarized.

  • The polarized particles get larger as they join together with other polarized particles and collect on a disposable low-static polarized media pad with an activated charcoal center screen.
  • Dynamic Air Cleaners remove difficult odors and provide an efficiency of 97% for particles down to .3 microns in size. 1” panels fit directly into existing filter racks or filter grilles and are powered using simple 24V wiring connected to the central HVAC system.

HVAC Surge Protector


Power surges are the silent killer for expensive HVAC equipment. Most homeowners protect their electronics, but leave more valued equipment unsecured. Surges can wipe out equipment and leave you searching for answers. Our technicians carry the AG3000 surge protector and can install it on their next visit. This is the perfect add-on for HVAC equipment. It features unmatched surge protection ratings and a 3-year, $7,500 connected equipment warranty.

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