Burns & McBride - Payment Options

Twenty-five day credit terms

Our normal credit billing terms are "net 25," meaning any outstanding balance must be paid within 25 days from date of invoice to avoid interest penalties.

Take advantage of these great ways to save!

Payment Options

"FAST 5"

Pay within 10 days of delivery and save a fast 5 cents per gallon!

Here's how to save:

After each delivery, subject to credit approval, we will mail you an invoice listing the full details of the service. Our normal payment terms ask for full payment within 25 days. However, if we receive full payment within ten days of delivery, you can save a fast 5 cents per gallon.


Save 10 cents a gallon on heating oil - without even touching your thermostat!

Here's how to save:

With home heating oil prices rising like never before, it makes sense to stretch every energy dollar as far as you can. Now it's easy to save an extra 10 cents per gallon on your heating oil bill with our "Terrific 10" discount program!

For the 10 cents per gallon discount, your payment must be directly debited from your checking account or credit card at the time of delivery.

To sign up for the Burns & McBride Direct Debit Payment option, please call (302) 656-5110 or (800) 756-5110. Participation is subject to approval and you may cancel at any time.

12-Month Budget Payment Plan

Based on your consumption history and credit approval, we'll project what the total dollar amount of your purchases will most likely be over the next twelve months - including any applicable fees for Price Protection or HVAC service plans - and then add or subtract your beginning account balance. We will divide this number by twelve to determine what your monthly budget payment will be. Periodically, we'll review your account to make sure everything is on track, thus eliminating any big surprises at the end of the twelve-month cycle.